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Box Kites


The most common of the box kites is aptly called traditional box kite. In point of fact, the traditional version of box kites are the simplest form of cellular kite produced and used throughout history. (These types of box kites are not as widely used today, however.)

Traditional box kites are flyers that absolutely match their names. They are shaped like boxes, with gaps that serve to further their aerodynamic potential. When it comes to constructing kites, traditional box kites are some of the easiest to craft and create.

Traditional box kites actually served a very important purpose during the Second World War. Traditional box kites were used to raising an emergency aerial signal when servicemen were downed at sea.
In 1893, Lawrence Hargrave invented a new version of the box kite. The Hargrave Box, a now widely used version of box kites, looks rather like the early flying machines created by those men who wanted to put men into the air. In essence, the Hargrave Box version of box kites is two smaller boxes linked together to better the aerodynamic potential of the creation.

Mr. Hargrave actually created his version of the box kite with an eye towards human flight. His version of the box kite was actually part of an experiment that he hoped would lead to human flight at a future date. Again, as has been mentioned, early flying machines actually do look like Mr. Hargrave's version of the box kite.

Perhaps the most eye catching version of the various box kites is the Pely Box, which is also known as the Tri-D in some parts of the world. As far as box kites are concerned, the Pely Box really is designed for more experienced flyers. These types of box kites are more difficult to handle and require the guidance of a person well versed in the mechanics of kite flying.

Box kites are some of the most time-honored types of tethered flying devices the world over. In reality, there are a number of different types of box kites that are widely used by people around the globe.

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